Sock Mogul

/sɒk/ ˈməʊɡ(ə)l/


  • Definition: A Sock Mogul gains access to a colossal bounty of eyebrow raising, thumb raising, and high-fiving designer socks. Commoners are often distracted by the brilliant colours and neck-snapping designs a Sock Mogul exhibits. However, it’s the quality and comfort a Sock Mogul discreetly enjoys most.

Becoming a Sock Mogul means you’re rocking cotton blend comfort designer foot-gloves. Allow me to elaborate… Sock Mogul socks have been referred to as the experience of riding a Ducati with your lady-friend wrapped around your waist reverse-kanye-style whilst belting down the Autobahn at 140kmph with your mongrel puppy that was born from a wild tiger riding shot-gun in the sidecar eating a chock-sundae from your extended hand.

Our socks are designed in-house by dapper Rogue Fletch the 3rd, the direct descendant of the master of medicinal Dr.Fletch who is the descendant of the decorated, legendary Jazz war-man who protected our great nation abroad. The Fletcher blood-line is obsessed with perfection, distinction, and individuality.

Don’t believe a word you’ve read here? The truth is in the experience so get these foot-gloves wrapped around your leg hands. Do something about it. Right here. Become a Mogul.